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Director of Instruction


MCG Academy
Director of Instruction
Mike Kenny, at Falls Road
Rate (45 mins)

MCG Lead Instructor


Lead Instructor
Adult Rate (45 Mins)
  • Adult Lesson Package
    -$400 for 5 lessons
    $50 off when buying 5!
    -$750 for 10 lessons
    $150 off when buying 10!
    -$1050 for 15 lessons
    $300 off when buying 15!

  • Senior Lessons (60 & older)
    $80 for 45 minutes (Mon-Thurs ONLY)
  • Junior Lessons
    $45 for 30 minutes
  • Meet Our Instructors to
    schedule your next lesson

MCG Certified Instructor


Certified Instructor
Adult Rate (45 Mins)

MCG Academy Instructor


Academy Instructor
Adult Rate (45 Mins)

Small Group Lessons (1-Hour)

Private Instruction Package (Golf 201)

$275 for Academy Instructors

Save $50 on a series of 5!

$350 for Certified Instructors

Save $50 on a series of 5!

$400 for Lead Instructors

Save $300 on a series of 15!

Students sign up with the instructor of their choice and receive 5 private lessons. The topic of each session is solely up to the student. Golf 201 is designed for any level of player who prefers learning in a one on one setting and wants to improve in a quicker manner. Students can discuss their plan with the instructor and decide ahead of time the areas of their game they need to improve so they see results on the course faster.

Call the golf course to schedule a lesson with the instructor of your choice

Meet Our Instructors to schedule your next lesson

Time to Tee It Up (Golf 202)
On Course Lessons

This is a great on the course golf learning experience that allows you to play with your favorite Pro (by yourself or with friends) for 2 hours or 9 holes, whichever comes first. Watching your Pro play and learning from them on the course is the perfect way to implement what you practice.
INDIVIDUAL $200 $170 $150
2-PERSON $100/PER ($200) $85/PER ($170) $75/PER ($150)
3-PERSON $75/PER ($225) $70/PER ($210) $55/PER ($165)