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Join us for our 2nd year!

The MCG Golf Academy is proud to announce that we are back for our second season of the MCG Junior Golf Tour! The tour will consist of boys and girls ages 8-17 as of September 1, 2019. Age divisions include both boys and girls competing amongst each other but from varying tee boxes (see 'Tournament Yardages' below)

  • 8 - 11 year old (9 holes)
  • 12 & 13 year old (18 holes)
  • 17 & under (18 holes)
This Tour is for the advanced junior golfer.

MCG Junior Tour Membership Fee: $20

Tournament Registration
$45 for each 18-hole event or $30 for 9-hole events. Registration Fee includes: Green Fees, Pre-round Practice Balls and Prizes

All juniors must be able to play by USGA rules for these events. The only exception will be that the 8-11 age groups will be playing a double par rule.

Scoring System
The scoring system is based upon how many people are in your division. For Example: If there are 25 Juniors in a division, the 1st place 25 points, 2nd place 24 points and so on. The Championship

Caddie Rules
Caddies ONLY permitted in 8-11 age group
  • Spectator carts will be allowed if approved by the host facility. Do not automatically expect a cart at each property. If the facility is allowing spectator carts there will be a fee. Spectator carts will always remain on the cart path, or in the rough.
  • Spectators must remain 20 yards away from the players but can watch them putt while on the green in the cart path is more than 20 yards away.
  • Spectators may not carry a player’s golf bag and/or clubs.
  • Spectators cannot walk in the fairway or on the putting green at any time.
  • Spectators are not permitted to give advice.
  • Any spectator that is thought or is giving advice will be asked to leave the golf course. If another parent or any member of MCG is told that this rule is being broken will result in this person being required to leave.

Tournament Yardages
  • Boys 8/9 : 1800 yards
  • Girls 8/9 : 1500 yards
  • Boys 10/11 : 2500 yards
  • Girls 10/11 : 1800 yards
  • Boys 12/13 : 5500 yards
  • Girls 12/13 : 4800 yards
  • Boys 17 & Under : 6400 yards
  • Girls 17 & under : 5000 yards
All yardages will remain close, but not exact to yardages listed. This will be a maximum yardage for all tournaments.
MCG Junior Tour Policies and Procedures
  • Dress Code: Only acceptable golf attire is permitted. Spectators
  • Play off Policy: All ties will be based upon a match of cards based on the number one handicap hole until the tie is broken.
  • Pace of Play policy: All groups will be expected to keep up the group in front of them. At the point a group is more than one entire home, you are out of position and will be asked to more up to the correct position. All players in the group will receive double par for the hole that was skipped.
  • Practice rounds are fine at each MCG Course. You will be signing up for a tee time and paying as a regular customer. No caddies or spectators will be allowed to go with the player unless all standard fees are payed the morning of your round. MCG offers 2 weeks in advance tee times.
  • Conduct: MCG will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct by players, caddies, or spectators. Any crossing of the line deemed by the host professional will result in immediate disqualification from the MCG Tour for the remainder of the season. The host professional has sole responsibility in the decision for disqualification.